Monday 4 March 2024


UPDATE 4 March 2024

Sadly, the day has come when I have to report that our Peg has died. Everyone who knew her had got used to the feeling that she would be there forever, but finally she came to the end of her very long life on 23 January. She was 106 years old! As you will see from the above photos she retained her bright personality and her interest in what was going on around her till the end. The top two photos were taken by Gendy just a short time before Peg died. The birthday one was on her 106th birthday, July 9 2023. Peg spent the last few months of her life with her daughter Gendy and son-in-law Tom who took exceptional care of her, with other family members helping out as well.

At the Marlborough Museum there is a small exhibition representative of Peg's work over the years. This will be displayed for a few weeks to honour Peg, the first Marlborough Cultural Treasure.

Rest in Peace Peg 1917 -- 2024

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