Tuesday 13 October 2015

Spring in the Sounds

Here is Peg enjoying a glorious spring afternoon, overlooking her lovely beach.

And here is her latest black hanging now that she has made it into a triptych.

And in case you are worried that Peg might run out of ideas . . . or yarn . . . here are some hints that there is plenty more to come.

Sunday 20 September 2015

Pockets of Joy

Indifferent health has kept Peg away from her loom for some time but she is well recovered and back into her creative work again. 

Her latest works have innovative triangular "pockets" and Peg calls them "Pockets of Joy".  Colourful as ever, here are some photographed today.

 And here are some close-ups of the texture on the black one.

And here is the lady herself, all 98 years of her. At the moment she is refurbishing about a million miles of cord on her loom; not an easy task when there are five ground shafts and 31 pattern shafts which all need to be kept in sync with each other.  Threading the warp and balancing all the component parts are huge jobs for one person working alone.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Going Around in Circles!

Here's Peg, looking ever so pleased with herself - and why wouldn't she be?  While she is under instructions to take life easy and stay off the loom for a while, she has been busy with the French knitting and doesn't know how to stop. These pieces are works in progress, waiting for some kind person to help cut out the plywood circles to mount them on Peg has reluctantly admitted that she doesn't handle the saw quite so well these days!

The photos don't do justice to the many different colours and textures. 
Peg just seems to know what yarns to put together.
This is what Peg does while she is 'resting'.  Note the mighty machine she uses.

Thursday 12 March 2015

The latest from Sunshine Bay

Here is the latest work from Peg's loom.
And a selection on her wall at the moment.
When Peg is not weaving she still keeps her fingers busy - and she just loves those multi-coloured yarns, especially if they have bobbles!

Friday 16 January 2015

A Meeting of Like Minds . . . with lunch!

On Friday 16 January Peg was "At Home" to a group of friends who all have an interest in the Arts in some form . . . textiles, ceramics, writing, and various other forms of "making stuff."  An amazing array of baskets and containers produced an even more amazing lunch which was enjoyed by all in between many conversations with intervals to admire Peg's work and the enchanting view from her picture windows.  Here is a pictorial record of the afternoon.

An enjoyable day in an inspirational setting. Thank you Peg.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year !

 What better way to start the new year than being part of an exhibition. Summer Selection is a display of handweaving from four members of the Professional Weavers' Network who live around the Top of the South Island. Peg contributed these four pieces, all in silver-grey tones but all incorporating the wonderful textures and colours that she loves.

The exhibition is at Fibre Spectrum in Trafalgar Street, Nelson and the other participants are Sue Broad from Nelson, Jane Clark from Mapua and Rose Pelvin from Blenheim. It will continue for the whole of January though pieces may disappear during the month as sales are made, so see it soon!