Monday 16 December 2013

December Update

Not only does Peg have a wonderful view just outside her studio/home. She also has a constant companion in the form of a small but LOUD bellbird who seems to sing all day every day. What a delight.
Here is Peg having a look at one of her most recent hangings.

These ones are on a natural colour linen warp
with really exuberantly textured yarns in the weft.

Check out the fringe and think about how many knots Peg needs to tie
when she changes to a new warp.

One of the highlights for Peg in 2012 was having her portrait painted by Motupiko artist Emma Panting.  Now she is not sure whether it is good news or bad news that the painting has been sold to a private collector in USA.  This is quite a buzz for both Peg and Emma but . . . when it is gone it is gone!  Emma will just have to get to work and do another.