Friday 31 March 2017

The Latest from Sunshine Bay

Yes, Peg is still weaving, though she is taking a little time right now to compile a guest list and wonder what to wear for her 100th birthday on 9 July.
Mentally and physically sprightly, here is Peg with one of her hangings recently cut from the loom - two done and more to come on this warp. Unusually for Peg she has used neutrals and pastels in this collection.
More colour in this one, and even more colour to come by the look of the plotting going on on Peg's work table.

 Peg has not lost her expertise in hemstitching. Hers is perfectly executed and would surpass that of many weavers.
As a Christmas surprise, Peg's family refurbished an old coffee table and had a glass top made for it. Then they had fun making a collage of samples of Peg's weaving from "way back" in the days before the damask loom took over her life.