Monday 16 December 2013

December Update

Not only does Peg have a wonderful view just outside her studio/home. She also has a constant companion in the form of a small but LOUD bellbird who seems to sing all day every day. What a delight.
Here is Peg having a look at one of her most recent hangings.

These ones are on a natural colour linen warp
with really exuberantly textured yarns in the weft.

Check out the fringe and think about how many knots Peg needs to tie
when she changes to a new warp.

One of the highlights for Peg in 2012 was having her portrait painted by Motupiko artist Emma Panting.  Now she is not sure whether it is good news or bad news that the painting has been sold to a private collector in USA.  This is quite a buzz for both Peg and Emma but . . . when it is gone it is gone!  Emma will just have to get to work and do another.

Friday 22 November 2013

The Ideas Keep Coming

These hangings incorporate recycled sari silk fabric and unusual yarns.

This blue hanging is very much in the damask style and it was snapped up quite quickly.  
Here we see both sides of it.

It would be hard to choose which side to hang it.
Here is Peg while she was in this 'blue period.'
However, you will see that Peg is not really a monochrome weaver.
Why have just a few colours when you can have lots!
That's all for now, but you can be sure there will be more!

Wednesday 6 November 2013

Time for an Update

Peg is producing new works all the time . . . and she is completely at home with black and white . . .
or with any amount of colour you can think of.  This is recycled sari silk.
Recently she had been given some beautiful Japanese papers so she has been revisiting a phase she went through a few years ago, incorporating these beautiful papers in her weaving. These recent ones are a smaller version of her previous paper ones.

 And a couple without paper but continuing the Christmas Tree motif.

At present Peg has work on display at the Mecure Hotel, Picton.

Saturday 2 November 2013

A Closer Look at Peg Moorhouse, Weaver

Welcome to Peg's blog!  At age 96 Peg is still as busy and as creative as ever. 

This blog is an attempt to bring some of the highlights of Peg's life and work in to view.  So much is tucked away in her idyllic studio and home in Sunshine Bay in the Marlborough Sounds.  From time to time some thoughts and photos of her new work will be posted . . . because there is always new work appearing!  Why wouldn't her creativity flourish when she lives in surroundings like this.

The last year or so has been very full for Peg.  A committee of the Marlborough Museum selected her to be the inaugural recipient of the "Living Cultural Treasure" award and she was subsequently presented with an appropriate medal.

The Museum mounted an exhibition of eight decades of Peg's work, beginning with fine needlework, continuing on to weaving including her "Wearable Arts" phase, to damask weaving which she mastered in her late 70s and on to the art wallhangings she is still doing today.

Peg has had work shown in Professional Weavers' Network exhibitions, Academy of Fine Arts in Wellington, COCA in Christchurch and Fibre Spectrum in Nelson and in Show Homes. Exhibiting in the Nelson Art Expo gave Peg an opportunity to meet Emma Panting, a portrait artist from Motupiko.  Emma has painted a large portrait of Peg and, last seen, it was exhibited at Neville Parker's Icon Gallery in Upper Moutere.  It is hoped to post photos of some of these highlights of Peg's life as well as her new work as it comes to hand . . . so keep watching!