Monday 4 March 2024


UPDATE 4 March 2024

Sadly, the day has come when I have to report that our Peg has died. Everyone who knew her had got used to the feeling that she would be there forever, but finally she came to the end of her very long life on 23 January. She was 106 years old! As you will see from the above photos she retained her bright personality and her interest in what was going on around her till the end. The top two photos were taken by Gendy just a short time before Peg died. The birthday one was on her 106th birthday, July 9 2023. Peg spent the last few months of her life with her daughter Gendy and son-in-law Tom who took exceptional care of her, with other family members helping out as well.

At the Marlborough Museum there is a small exhibition representative of Peg's work over the years. This will be displayed for a few weeks to honour Peg, the first Marlborough Cultural Treasure.

Rest in Peace Peg 1917 -- 2024

Tuesday 4 December 2018

Glorious Colour

Peg's colour sense is as sharply honed as ever. Here is some of her recent work and several colour schemes she is playing with while waiting for more linen to arrive. She is anxious to get a new warp on the loom.

Monday 23 July 2018

Birthday 101

Peg celebrated her 101st birthday with her family on 9 July.  As you can see in these pictures she is as bright and cheerful as ever.

Happy Birthday Peg!

Monday 9 July 2018

Still Going Strong

Yes, Peg is still weaving. Most of the recent pieces off her loom were snapped up by her family before they were photographed. This is abut the only piece left from her last warp.

As always, Peg enjoys having interesting visitors and was delighted when Annie Mackenzie came to visit and interview her. Here are some pics from that day.

Now what could Peg possibly be plotting with all this stuff?
Watch this space!

Friday 22 December 2017

Back to the Loom

Once the excitement died down from the birthday, cards from the Queen, the Governor General, Prime Minister and many other VIPs as well as family and friends, Peg resumed her life's work of creating with her damask loom, linen warps and whatever exciting yarns she can get her hands on. Here she is, a few days before Christmas.

And this is Peg some decades ago, when she "came out" as a debutante. The portrait is by Emma Panting and based on a photograph of the grand occasion.
Also on her wall is this hanging which may have missed being shown with her neutral pieces earlier in the year. It is unusual because Peg cannot normally resist a blaze of colour!
 However, Peg has started off her second century with a vibrant lime green
What is more she has listened to a nagging voice she has heard a time or two about not forgetting the damask technique she bough her loom for. As a result she has made three hangings using the damask weave and here you can see both the face and the reverse

 As always, Peg did the warping, weaving and finishing herself, but it does help to have a taller family member to fetch and carry and hang the pieces for the photographs.

 And here is Peg's signature burst of colour with quirky yarns.

Looking back to some pieces from her "tribal" era, Peg has been titivating and improving to bring them up to date.
Not all is big and bold. This is a small damask mat in black and white as well as thick and thin.  
So that is a great start. What's coming up in 2018 Peg?


Thursday 21 December 2017

100 Not Out!

A slight diversion from weaving for an important function. Here are some photos taken at Peg's 100th birthday.
 Among the many guest were some of Peg;s weaving friends. Here Elizabeth Arnold reads a tribute to Peg on behalf of all weavers.
 In fine fettle, and looking stunning as always, Peg prepares to cut her cakes.
 One cake was not enough! The patterns on the three cakes were taken from photographs of Peg's weaving over the years.
 Friend and colleague for forty-something years of Peg's century, I was privileged to be among the guests to celebrate her centenary.

Thanks to Elizabeth Arnold for the last two photos.

 Now, Peg, back to the loom.

Friday 31 March 2017

The Latest from Sunshine Bay

Yes, Peg is still weaving, though she is taking a little time right now to compile a guest list and wonder what to wear for her 100th birthday on 9 July.
Mentally and physically sprightly, here is Peg with one of her hangings recently cut from the loom - two done and more to come on this warp. Unusually for Peg she has used neutrals and pastels in this collection.
More colour in this one, and even more colour to come by the look of the plotting going on on Peg's work table.

 Peg has not lost her expertise in hemstitching. Hers is perfectly executed and would surpass that of many weavers.
As a Christmas surprise, Peg's family refurbished an old coffee table and had a glass top made for it. Then they had fun making a collage of samples of Peg's weaving from "way back" in the days before the damask loom took over her life.